African Popular Music: Evolution and Diversity
Burundi's Khadja Nin
Egypt's Dalida
and Chad's Mc Solaar.

African Popular Music: Evolution and Diversity

Jay Lou - My music has its roots in Africa and it has the intention of telling stories of a new Africa, without any complexities, an Africa which is winning and not crying under corruption and misery. I dream of that Africa and I believe in it. In this new millennium people should not be shocked to hear the strings of chords, a harp or harpsichord playing African melodies. Many people do not realize that our continent has evolved...

There are people who think that Khadja Nin's music is "not African" - whatever that means. Khadja's comment on that:

"I think it is really funny that people in Europe and America seem to believe we are still sitting modestly in the bush, beating the drums. After all we grew up with the same music you are listening to everyday on your radios."

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First published: March 22, 2008


ALGERIA - Cheb Khalid with Magic System with Meme Pas Fatigue

ANGOLA - Freaking Me Out by Paul G ft Alashus

BENIN - Petit Miguélito - Yédjanouwé

BOTSWANA - Vee- Taku Taku

BURKINA FASO - Alif Naaba - Back Biiga

BURUNDI - Khadja Nin - Mama

CAMEROON - Unforgettable Soweto - Jay Lou Ava

CAPE VERDE - Nha Sonho - Suzanna Lubrano

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - C'est Dure Dê - Matou ft Ivoirienne DODO Pelagie

CHAD - Mc Solaar - Inch'allah

CONGO - Loketo, Aurlus Mabele - Douce Isabelle

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO - Non assistance by Koffi Olomide

DJIBOUTI - Yusur - Awaale Aden

EGYPT - Dalida - Helwa ya Baladi (an Egyptian classic)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA - Las Hijas del Sol - Ay Corazon

ERITREA - Shigerger by Daniel Yohanes

ETHIOPIA - Inja yenen by Yosef Gebre (jossy) soca style

GABON - Annie Flore - Six mois si moi sy mwa

GAMBIA - Griot Lamin Saho kora music from the Gambia

GHANA - Tingele by Tinny

GUINEA BISSAU - Roger - Miss Kelly - Confidencia

GUINEA - Lega Bah - Nene

IVORY COAST - Douk Saga - Douk Saga en Fete

KENYA - Adhiambo Sinda

LESOTHO - Sesotho traditional songs

LIBERIA - It will hurt you - Tokay Tomah Kailie

LIBYA - hameed alshaery alyun alsod

MADAGASCAR - Andala Vao Miresaky (Hazolahy)

MALAWI - mtengo mtengo - Lucius Banda

MALI - Ramata Diakite


MAURITIUS - Nancy et Zotsa: Diva Sega

MOROCCO (MAROC) - Algerino Ft. Douzi with Move


NAMIBIA - Tsipi Tsipi (D-Naff - Namibian Gospel Artist)

NIGER - music touareg

NIGERIA - ina meisona - hausa song

REUNION - Sitarane

RWANDA - Sandra Karigirwa - NDISHUSHU YAWE

S�O TOM� AND PRINCIPE - Amiga by Juka

SENEGAL - Babylon Feat. STL and Ras Steven

SEYCHELLES - Dezil - Laisse tomber les filles qui se maquillent

SIERRA LEONE - RF Chord (Real Family Chord) - Una Lef

SOMALIA - K'naan - What's Hardcore

SUDAN - Malimbo - Wala la la lai

SWAZILAND - Hlengiwe Mhlaba - Dwala Lami

TANZANIA - Ray c - Wanifautia nini

TOGO - Rod Way - Maw�no

TUNISIA - MC RAI - Hen'alina music video

UGANDA - Kanyimbe by Juliana Kanyomozi

ZAMBIA - Black N Beautiful - The Third

ZIMBABWE - Solomon Skuza - When i think of love

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First published: March 22, 2008