Grace Nakimera: Nvawo Nawe

Grace Nakimera: Nvawo Nawe

Grace Nakimera: Part two of our interview in June.

By Peter Allen Kigonya
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First published: December 22, 2009

Continues from: Grace Nakimera: Ani Akumanyi

OK... so it's a few months now and yes, we do want to continue with the interview with Grace. Grace's interview took place right after the shooting of the Kawonawo video in June 2009. Of course she has since released another video... Nvawo Nawe.

Grace Nakimera
Grace Nakimera.

Peter: What are you working on right now?

Grace: (Excitedly...) Well... I'm working on this a-maz-ing song... I'm very very very excited about it... Oh gosh!! ... Its amazing... (Laughs) Why? Because it tells my story. It tells who I am... Kawonawo.

Peter: Kawonawo...

Grace: ... meaning "survivor"...

Peter: Is it a slow song... or a dance tune?

Grace: Its actually... (she thinks)... dance... but quite slow as well... Hmnnn.... Actually dancehall in a way... but slow dancehall. And also I have another version in reggae. But the thing is that, with this song, its one of those songs that are classics...

Peter: Hmnn...

Grace: That just get you like that... Cause you know... that is everybody's story... They've been through something. They have come through something and they are somewhere they never expected to be... you know. You know? So that's why.

Peter: Who wrote and produced the song?

 Grace Nakimera
Grace Nakimera.

Grace: Well... The writer is me. I got help from somebody... but mainly its me because I come with the concepts and the arrangements and everything. The producer is Swangz Avenue... Benon.

Peter: Okay... Great... He is doing a lot from what I have heard in the past few interviews...

Grace: Yeah... And the sound is different... fresh too... Umm... (with a shy smile)... What else do you want to know?

Peter: The video...

(Revealingly...) I just did the video?... It was by SkyRock. (Smiles...) It's a-ma-zing.

Kawonawo Video

Peter: Tell us some more about the videos we have not yet mentioned...

Grace: There is Kiva Kuki... also directed by SkyRock...

Kiva Kuki

SkyRock Rep Karl Ed: It's a love song... So we made it a very intimate video. It was done at Didi's world. So again, we made it very intimate... reaching deep down and bringing out the artist and the person and the emotions in her.

Peter: Then there is...

Grace: Sukuma.

Peter: Sukuma?

Grace: (musically) Sukuma... (She laughs) It's a cool video... very energetic... very out there... also done by SkyRock.

Karl: Basically... with the Sukuma video we tried to something that had never been done before.

Peter: It's the video that begins with her getting lost.

Karl: It's the one...

Peter: Very colorful...

Karl: Yeah... and Grace did the designs for the dancers' costumes...


Peter: Talking about you doing some design work... You own a salon around Kampala...

Grace: Pinky... Pinky Salon... It's in the middle of town at Blacklines House. I do hairdressing.

Peter: Are you there on location doing hair? (I laugh...)

Grace: (She laughs nervously...)Sometimes... But this other side of me is taking so much of me. But I make sure everything in there is under control... The hairstyles have to be on point.

Peter: So what is next for you? What are you trying to achieve?

Grace: I have this feeling... I know... that so much can be done here. Its a real virgin industry in a way. I'm a Business major so I'd like to invest in a few different things. I might do something with my design work... So if people want to get a piece of that, maybe in time they will. I think it will be a great experience because there is so much you can put out there.

Grace Nakimera
Grace Nakimera.

Otherwise when it comes to music I'm going to work even harder. I want to go further. I still have to conquer East Africa... There is Africa itself. So I'm going to work even harder because I know that everything in this world just takes dedication and focus.

Peter: Any future in acting?

Grace: Hah!... Nah uhh...(She laughs.)

Peter: No?...(I laugh too.) I think you'd do great.

Grace: (She laughs.) Ummm... nah... not acting... not really. Why? Because...uuuh... Yah!

Peter: No?

Grace: Nah uhh.

By the way I'm working on a concert soon. Late this year or early next year. I'm excited about it. Hopefully in time you will know more about it.

Peter: Is it an album launch? A charity concert?

Grace: Well... It is actually supposed to be an album launch... But there is so many of those going around that you don't want to make it sound like you are launching. It will simply be an experience... something full of so many extras.

Peter: Well... Thank you so so much for the interview.

Grace: Aaah... Thank you so much.

Peter: Any message for your fans?

Grace: I love you guys... Like... The thing is that anything for you guys, I'm gonna go an extra mile. Whenever I come across a fan... I just love them so much.

Peter: Do they recognize you a lot on the street by the way?

Grace: (She laughs nervously like its been crazy...) Aah... yah?... Ummm... Its crazy though. Its kind of different you are like supposed to go shopping or something. And I'm the kind of person who does not want to change so much. If I used to shop here, I'm going to shop there. So... But its great... its great. All they do is talk to you or comment on something... And I listen. Okilaba? Eh?

Peter: Yeah...

Grace: So its about listening to people and if they say, "We love your music." "You should have done this," "You should have done that." You know... I like listening to my people... because... That's why I'm here.

Nvawo Nawe

 Grace Nakimera
Grace Nakimera.

By Peter Allen Kigonya
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First published: December 22, 2009
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