Nyanda is Trouble

Nyanda is Trouble

One of the things that my manager Chez Gayle is actually working close with Talent Africa Group on is getting in more collaboration between Jamaican artists and African Artists because we know there’s a close similarity in the music and they are trying to use my project as the flagship for union.

By Colin Mulindwa
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First published: April 12, 2013

Brick and Lace with Love is Wicked

Brick and Lace are a Jamaican R&B reggae fusion musical duo consisting of sisters Nyanda and Nailah Thorbourne. Originally Brick & Lace consisted of three sisters Nyanda, Nailah, and Tasha Thorbourne. Tasha left the group, but she continues to work behind the scenes and co-writes songs for her sisters.

After touring Africa with artists such as US rapper Eve, Brick & Lace started off the year 2013 by going on solo careers. This lead a wildfire rumor all over the internet stating that the sisters had split and that Brick & Lace was no more. However according to their Twitter and Facebook pages, Nailah and Nyanda both decided to take a break from the Brick & Lace dynamic for at least a year, so that they may explore more of their own creativity as solo artists. However, each sister stated that they would return as Brick & Lace to continue working on their second album.


Nyanda, the elder of the two, released a dance hall remix to Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" single. The remix single gained positive reviews all over the internet and has even been placed on many African charts and on the UK Top 30 club charts for a number of weeks. Nyanda has also been releasing many promotional singles, for her upcoming solo album, with hits such as "Like A Pro" with The Wizard, and "Slippery When Wet (In the Middle)" with Black Lion Music Group. Nyanda also did a feature on Nicki Minaj & French Montana's "Freaks" single.

Source: Brick & Lace From Wikipedia

Colin: Busy busy busy, phones buzzing like crazy!! Emails must be stacking up like no other. If there’s one artist I know that is hell as busy in 2013 it’s Nyanda!! How’s the year treating you so far?

Nyanda: Hahaha! Oh yes am in studio right now!! I just feel I need to explore my individual creative side but I was scared coz I am still used to being in a group, having someone there you-know-what-I-mean as I always saw a lot of possibilities…

So right now it’s all on me and you know I’m just putting myself out there and there is a side of vulnerability to doing that but at the same time I feel so excited about it and it’s been going on really great!

That Trouble remix!! The hit that is receiving airplay all over the place. How has the reaction been?

Ohh my Goodness!! (Moment of split excitement from her) … the remix has been doing amaaazing-amaazing! I know like the UK urban chart it is number 15 (then) and y’know the fans have been reeeally responding in a positive way.

I definitely wanted to put my dancehall twist on it and make it more Jamaican y’know and yeah the people have been lovin it. So am really glad for all the support from the people and the reggae stations in Africa and am so excited about how it’s been pickin’up all over Africa.

Wait… Am guessing Taylor Swift has listened to it… Have you got any feedback from her?

Hahahaha! (She laughs on and on) I haven’t spoken to her! I actually did a spoof on You Tube pretending I was talking to her but people think... (laughter again) I was really talking to her.... hahahaha..

Taylor Swift Calls Nyanda

What made you go for Trouble as a debut to your solo career?

Y’knoww… It happened just kinda... obviously you know the Kemist from Black Lion. He was the one that suggested we make the remix and yeah we wanted to put a strong dancehall touch to it. In terms of actually choosing the song I feel like the song chose us lol...

Nyanda: Taylor Swift Trouble Remix [LYRIC VIDEO]

You’ve just come off Brick n Lace recently. What’s happening in the studio? What big projects are you coming up with this year?

Oh! I just released another single “Like A Pro” and that one is featuring the Wizard and Chedda from Jamaica (2 Jamaican artists). Am just completing a new record with Assassin aka Agent Sasco who’s like one of the best DJs to have emerged on the Jamaican dancehall scene these past recent years.

One of the things that my manager Chez Gayle is actually working close with Talent Africa Group on is getting in more collaboration between Jamaican artists and African Artists because we know there’s a close similarity in the music and they are trying to use my project as the flagship for union.

I’ve actually just been told by Chez that he’s setting me up for collaboration with Barbara Kanam out of Congo!

African Diva Barbara Kanam - Djarabi

Plus a lot more coming up. Just stay tuned! We’ve been to about 13/14 African countries so far and it’s been a second home for us and I think especially because of the similarities in the cultures y’know. As we were launching Nyanda solo project we didn’t just isolate and work on Europe and American and y’know... the glamorous markets... but we really wanted to put emphasis this year on Africa y’know coz it’s been very good to us.

What’s the track “Like A Pro” all about?

It’s a track I did with Wizard… yeah we talking about all-dem-gals-movin-like-a-pro. Just talking about all the ladies moving their bodies like pros y’kno!… No rookie movements... lol

Yeah I’ve already seen a couple of girls uploading YouTube videos dancing and whining up to it…

Exaaactly!! Coz we got inspired… Like when you’re in Jamaica and you see the way the girls dance!! It’s amaaazing! I just feel like some of these girls could be in the Olympics like they could be gymnasts... y’know… they’re reaaally so skilled!! Hahaha… I can’t even ever dance like that. I’d never dance like that... You-know-what-I-mean?... So…

When is the video coming out?

Well that’s actually what we talking about now. We talking about filming the video and you’ll definitely know soon soon!

And the video for Trouble Remix?

Hahahaha... Maybe I need to do a video for Trouble... am not sure... lol…

Confirmation first… Is Brick N Lace still officially on? What’s the story there?

Brick & Lace - Bad to Di Bone

Well the story is that I just wanted to work on my solo project this year and am sure when Brick N Lace comes back together, we are going to do one more project together and  for now, Naila and I just want to take some time to do something on our own.

Ok... So we’ll definitely hear from Brick N Lace in the near future...

Oh yes!… Brick N Lace fans can know for sure that we are going to come back together and do another album.

Any known acts we should expect on your upcoming projects?…The who and who featuring on your debut solo album… YES!! Especially African collaborations…

Well… Right right…Well I’m always open to doing projects with African artists and right now am actually doing a song with the Congolese artist Fally Ipupa??… you’re familiar with him?

Yes yes most of us got to know him from the time he did a song with former G-Unit female member Olivia…

Fally Ipupa - Chaise Electrique (feat. Olivia)

Yes so I met him in Congo when I did a show in Kinshasa last year… We had great chemistry and yeah we decided to do a song together so am definitely gonna be workin' on that sooner than you think. But yeah... am definitely open to any ideas from my fans.

Currently, there’s electric vibe in Africa when one talks of Brick n Lace more especially now with Nyanda! There seems to be special interest you girls have with Africa! Where’s this rooting from? Why Africa Africa Africa?

Why Africa Africa Africa?? Hahahahaha (she can’t stop laughing)… Ohh My God! Well listen… it’s something that feels so natural when am there. The first time I was in Uganda, the connection with the fans there, it just feels realer than any place I have been to. There’s something about the people and the energy I don’t know is it because I’m Jamaican? Definitely coming to Africa is like coming home. Africa feels like a second home for me and y’know it inspires me sooo much. The fans and all… It is very important to me.

What are fellow artists (friends) all over the World saying about you turning solo? What has the reaction been like? I’m guessing a couple of them were quite surprised…

Well y’know a lot of people love Brick N Lace and am very appreciative of that. I’m so grateful to all of the fans and I’m just hoping that y’know I put a lot of heart in my project and a lot of artists in Jamaica have been encouraging me and they’ve been positive about it and so in the end it’s all about hard work trying to make sure that the fans can appreciate the music.

Turning solo... Which style are we going for? Dancehall, pop, a little RnB here and there… or… what’s the deal?

Diversity is key. My music is definitely gonna have a lot of reggae dancehall influence. I’m definitely gonna use Africa influence here and there in the music as well… We’ll see…

Where has this left Nailah? Is she pondering a similar move?

Oh hahaha… Well she’s been very supportive of me doing my thing and she’s very excited about it and I think she’s just trying to do her thing as well y’know when she’s ready to launch herself then am sure she’ll be talking to you about it soon lol… But yeah she’s all excited about what I’m doing, happy for me and everything.

The African tour that you are planning this year...  Draw us a quick plan... Any sneak peek of where/what’s going to happen? Already working with any organizers? At this rate I suggest we start selling tickets fast!!


Hahaha... It’s a little bit too early for that but we know that markets like Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa – we’ve been to just 13 countries so far all of which have shown lots of love and we definitely wanna revisit those markets. Nigeria was our very first African show, Uganda was our second. So whatever happens we have to be back in those two. And then we’ve got a huge base in Ghana. There are as well many others that want me to come and just never have the chance because of time so y’know it will be a great opportunity to  be everywhere.

You don’t seem to have sound competition as far as female dancehall is concerned…   How does that make you feel? It’s your World for the taking!

Hahaha... reeeaally?? I don’t think any female artist in Jamaica would like to hear that but I’ll definitely take it as a compliment. Thank you lol.

Well like I say I’ve always been blessed; I think the way my parents raised me with a very diverse style. You know I’ve heard so many different genres of music and I appreciate music that it’s pure at heart. But y’kno the dancehall part is so strong in me I’m rich. I think what makes the music special is the fact that you can hear beautiful melodies linking Jamaican patois and I think people gravitate to that.

Lastly… What are you asking of the fans? What’s our job in this?

Hey well I’m not asking the fans for anything. I’m just grateful for the fans right now. I’m thankful for the support and even you guys OurMusiq.com for supporting us. I’m thinking of calling my fans the little warriors from Nyabinghi (rastafari) tribe hahahahaha. So you heard this for the first time guys lol. Am just so grateful for the support coz like I’m stayin in touch with a lot of them on twitter and facebook and all I ask my fans is to follow me on twitter (@nyandaBnL) and y’know just continue to check out the music, continue to give feedback coz I love feedback.

It was a great pleasure chatting to you Nyanda.

Thank you Ourmusiq.com I appreciate it sooo much!!


By Colin Mulindwa
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First published: April 12, 2013
Colin Mulindwa graduated from the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. His love for African music and working with the owners of OurMusiq.com on other websites such as BlackMenWomen.com has allowed him to brush shoulders with the who's who in African Music. Look out for more interviews with a unique perspective. Colin can be contacted at colinmk256@gmail.com.