QTY: Kenya's AIDS Music Ambassador

QTY: Kenya's AIDS Music Ambassador

QTY talks to OurMusiq.com about her AIDS mission, beef with others in the industry and releases her new song Come Back (To Me).

By Colin Mulindwa
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First published: October 9, 2011

Born in Nakuru, QTY aka Jennifer Lusichi was born into a family with musical background. Her father also performed as a musician. The music bug bit her quite early and she starred in various school plays and recitals and achieving podium finishes on the National stage. After school she formed the group Kayjayz and later Mabibu to showcase her talent. While she lead Mabibu, she gunnered a good following in Nakuru her home town. She later went solo releasing her first national single Simama. It became a big hit in Nakuru and Qty became a most sought after performer for gigs at Club Taidy's, Coco Savanna and Lules in Nakuru. She has performed with big acts like TID, Tatuu, Dudu Baya, Mr. Nice, Prezzo, Nazizi, Wahu, Talia, the late K-Rupt, the late E-Sir, Redsun, Nameless, Big Pin and Jua Cali during their performances in Nakuru. She has featured in shows like the Great 10-A-Side, Kenya Night at K2 Klub House and Trust Roadshows. Her collaborative effort with upcoming musician TABBS got nominated for Kisima awards in 2007.

Her most recent work is with Ogopa DJs a song called "Get Closer" released in April 2009 which has been receiving favorable airplay on radio and TV stations in Kenya . She completed her second song "Zunguka" whose video was done by acclaimed video director Pinch'D with Maich blaq and the herberlist as producer and was a big hit in Kenya and greater East Africa.

She has received very good reviews in the Nations premiere urban entertainment magazine "Pulse" and is regarded as one of the best female artists to emerge in Kenya .

Apart from her gifting in music Qty has a heart for children and is involved with a charity organization. She is an Ambassador of HIV and AIDS Awareness. She also aspires to form an organization whose purpose will be bring together various talented persons in music to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevalence and hence influence youth to take responsibility of their lives and to help children orphaned through HIV/AIDS. Towards this end she produced a documentary - Music For Change.

Her other talents manifest themselves in her favorite past times including fashion design, Poetry, Acting and Traveling. She is a disciplined and focused artist with exceptional work ethics.

Her ambition is to become one of the greatest music performers on the world stage to come out of Kenya.

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Colin: Jennifer Lusichi aka QTY... Is it cutee or Q-T-Y?

Qty: I am cutee not Q-T-Y... many people confuse but its pronounced cutie.

How did you end up on the music highway?

I am a hard worker and a very focused lady... and I pray a lot for God to open ma ways. I guess that's how I made it. Damn!! Its so hard... especially when you are from Kenya but working hard is the medicine.

Are you signed to any specific label?

No!... but am working now with Maich Blaq and the Herbalist... Its a good recording label n they are very talented.

"Get Closer" is about when a girl says 'NO!'... It can be 'yes' if you get closer??… Educate me there!

Mmmh! Gals gals... When you start dating a gal, she plays hard to get... she says 'No' to many things that she wants to say 'YES!'... It is cheap for a gal to say 'yes' immediately so we say 'no'... for sometime... then later we say, 'yes'.

Hmmn... almost like a first love... Tell us about your first love...

My first love was not that exiting... He didn't know anything about love... His kiss was messy and bad!!... Unlike many gals, I don't cherish my first love but the more I know about men and love, the more I get another love... lol.

When did you decide to remix the original version?

I decided to do the remix coz I believed that I can deliver the message more effectively if i involve guys in ma song. I mean its a hot song which deserved a remix... and I rate it as sexy. Its about love and thats me, i love love songs so much!

"Zunguka" had good production. Who directed the video?

PINCH... Pinched Production is so cool... He is talented and he is a good video director... Pinched videos are rated as very good videos in Kenya and I loved working with him.

Fill us in on a number of your other achievements...

Besides being nominated at Chaguo la Teeniz New Artist of the Year category, I have a foundation called QTY foundation for HIV and AIDS awareness. Its amaizing and I always tell people to support me on this. It means a lot to me.

What major roles do you play at Jifahamu?

As Ambassador of HIV and AIDS I teach pple about HIV and AIDS... After my sister died of HIV and AIDS, it was ma duty to campaign against it!!

What have been your highlights working with them?

I have learned a lot! ...that people need help and acceptance in our community. Donating to people who need food and ARVs has been wonderful.

What's your view on recklessly rich spending individuals in developing nations that do not effectively think about their hungry folks around them?

I think people are very mean!!! Rich people here do not donate to the poor and they have more than a lot! Its sad that they read news about people dying with famine but they do nothing! Most of them are politicians and they are disgusting!!!

It's been said that you're not only good at singing? What else are you good at?

ha ha ha... I know am good at acting and as a matter of fact you have to see ma documentary called MUSIC FOR CHANGE at QTYTV you tube. I also love to love people and work and volunteer at organizations. I am a very good cook! I can be a good wife... ha ha ha!

What's your ambition at this stage?

INTERNATIONAL... That's it... I am aiming higher and working ma ass hard!

Earlier this year, there was a saga where you claimed your former producer and his girlfriend wanted to finish you? How clinical!! So what exactly went down?


Ha ha!... After being nominated at the Chaguo Awards... There were sms' going round and when ma producer was asked he f#@!ing said he suspected me! What! Just because he was dating insider director Tamima and they were both working hard to bring me down! What!... One day I was to perform at Str8 Up and her gal made sure that I could not perform... But what people don't know is that my foundation is strong and  I am made of steel... and whatever bad they planned turned back on them. KARMA! What goes around comes around!!!!!

lol... And there's this beef I read about between you and Sironka!! Where does it root from? Clearly she's your nemesis! You two should be put on the same dining table for a lunch date.

No... She is not my enemy... and yes we should... I bet she can be a good friend!!!

So now what next?

Many things... My album is almost out!!!... I have a lot coming your way... I just realeased ma single Come Back to Me by Maich Black and the Herbalist... also now its work work work... Expect big things from me...!!!!!!


By Colin Mulindwa
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First published: October 9, 2011
Colin Mulindwa graduated from the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. His love for African music and working with the owners of OurMusiq.com on other websites such as BlackMenWomen.com has allowed him to brush shoulders with the who's who in African Music. Look out for more interviews with a unique perspective. Colin can be contacted at colinmk256@gmail.com.