UK based Nigerian Musician Lánre
Lánre. Photos by Janssem Cardoso.

UK based Nigerian Musician Lánre

British Folk/Soul singer, songwriter and musician Lánre is back with a brand new record Home. A long-awaited follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2011 debut album Pen Voyage Chapter One: Singing For Change.

By Colin Mulindwa
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First published: August 25, 2014

So who am I...?

I am a writer

I am a singer

I am a wife

I am a sister

I am a daughter

I am a friend

I am African

I am British

I love God

I love reading

I can play a few chords on the guitar

I tend to go into my own shell even in the midst of a crowd

I have loads of stories locked up in my head

I am on a journey of discovery and I am excited!!

from My Story

Lánre with Má Gbàgbé

Colin: To those sighting you for the first time, briefly run us through your life to ending up behind the guitar.

Lánre: So I picked up the guitar four years ago. Before that, I sang in choirs and I was also part of a gospel collective called GKREAL. The group went on a break and I started writing and learning to play the guitar. I decided to start playing publicly after a few months of lessons not because I was perfect but because I knew I had something to bring to the table and I didn't want the fear of what people may think to stop me. The response was good enough for me to keep going. I wrote and recorded my first record in 2011 and followed up with a new EP a couple of months ago.

Lánre - Pen Voyage Chapter 1

In its initial weeks of release, what has been the overall reaction of the fans to the Home EP (released 1st May 2014)... comparing it to Pen Voyage Chapter 1, your debut album?

The new EP Home has been well received. I am so thankful for that because it’s one thing to spend months crafting songs in the corner of your room, finding the right musicians to record with and it’s a whole kettle of fish to actually go out there, share the songs and have people receive it really well. I think most of the feedback has been that Home was a little closer to what people will get or experience when they come out to hear me play at a gig. That was my intention with this EP, so I am quite happy about that.

Why did you chose Home as the title track?

For the past couple of years, I put together a ‘living room sessions tour’ where I went into peoples’ homes and played music to them and their friends. It’s like a mobile busking session really. My experience with those tours is what inspired me to write the EP. Home is about intimacy, about the human condition of continually searching for a place, a state of mind they can call theirs. It’s not necessarily a geographical location as it were. I want people to feel comfortable when they listen to the record. I wanted it to resonate in a deep way with people.


What other tracks feature on this EP? Your personal favorite?

Home is a 5 track EP.

  1. Stone Collector
  2. 21 Days
  3. Alaafia (Peace)
  4. Memories
  5. Home

Favorite song?? Naaaaa that's difficult for me to say. I like them all for different reasons. I like the way people respond to Home and Memories and the way they sing along to the songs. Stone Collector has a haunting feel to it that I like. Alaafia is written in one of my favorite languages Yoruba and also it's written for my mum and 21 Days is beautiful too. It'll be unfair to choose one!

Apart from live shows, I have not found videos to your beautiful pieces… Any plans?

I am shooting a video for the title track Home in the next few weeks, so I'm excited about that. I have a couple of videos from songs from my first record...

Lánre with Má Gbàgbé

Lánre with Inspiration

And for collabos?... I understand by now it's not new to find acoustic soul artists accustomed to "doing their own thing"... You guys find it awkward to 'mix things up'... Cramps your style!

On my first record I featured a UK hip hop artist Karl Nova on 'Running' and earlier in the year I featured on an amazing singer songwriter Adam Wedd's EP called Words Build Worlds on a song called 'Frail Rope Bridge'. So yes, I do like the solitary moments of creating music on my own but I am always looking for artists to share and collaborate with. It has to be a great fit though.

Where can fans worldwide find your music physically & electronically?

My website – links you to iTunes, Soundcloud, Spotify etc...

Thank you for having me


By Colin Mulindwa
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First published: August 25, 2014
Colin Mulindwa graduated from the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa in 2011. His love for African music and working with the owners of on other websites such as has allowed him to brush shoulders with the who's who in African Music. Look out for more interviews with a unique perspective. Colin can be contacted at